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We are the student voice of Stockholm and we act for a better student city, focusing on students’ housing, finances and health.

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Student unions within post-secondary education can apply for membership of SSCO. As an individual you become a member of your own student union.

Who are the Stockholm Student Union Central Organization?

SSCO was founded on May 10th, 1896 as Högskole- och Akademi-Förbundet i Stockholm. Today we are made up of 40 student unions working to make Stockholm a better student city, and we offer several support and service functions for the students of Stockholm.

Anna-Karin Björling is the Friend of Stockholm’s Students 2021

The award “The Friend of Stockholm’s Students” has been handed out by SSCO since 2002, to meaningful persons or organizations that has made significant actions for Stockholm’s students and student unions. This year we gave the award to Anna-Karin Björling at the Office of the President at Stockholm university for her valuable work with student influencing at the university.


Here are our latest published news in English. For additional news, please visit the Swedish page.

Nomination Request for The Friend of Stockholm’s Students 2021

Nomination Request for The Friend of Stockholm’s Students 2021

Friend of Stockholm's students is SSCO's award for valuable contributions to Stockholm's students and student unions, and for the promotion of Stockholm as a student city. The award has been handed out annually since 2002. Those who can nominate for this prestigious...

Apply for project funding from SSSRSF 2021

Apply for project funding from SSSRSF 2021

SSSRSF is a foundation through which SSCO every other year hands out funds to projects and events that act with the same aim as the Foundation. The sum of the funds awarded is for this year 150 000 SEK. The Foundation’s aim The Foundation shall have as its aim to...

Stockholms studentbostäder

In 1958 SSCO founded Stockholms studentbostäder (SSSB), which today is the largest student housing agent in Sweden with its nearly 8100 rooms and apartments in the region. To queue for and live in SSSB accommodation you need to be a member of a student union affiliated with us.


Akademisk kvart

Akademisk kvart strive to supply students with lodging and subletting solutions that have a reasonable rent in relation to students’ general financial situation. SSCO has therefore compiled a number of terms and conditions for advertisers which take into consideration the average student’s life standard.



Studenthälsan.se is a website created on SSCO’s initiative, to spead knowledge about and offer guidance for students regarding their student health services.



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