We create the future Stockholm

We are the voice for the students of Stockholm and we strive for a better student city with focus on student housing, economy and student health.

Who are SSCO?

SSCO was founded on the 10th of May 1896 as Högskole- och Akademiförbundet in Stockholm. Today we are a central organization for student unions in Stockholm, consisting of 41 member unions.

In order for Stockholm’s full capacity to be utilized, SSCO works politically for more and cheaper student housing, a sustainable student economy and student health. In addition, we ensure that students are represented at the Nobel festivities, the Walpurgis celebrations at Skansen, the Walpurgis pub crawl and much more.

SSCO makes sure, that Stockholm becomes the knowledge region and student city that we want it to be.



SSCO wants Stockholm to be the obvious choice for today’s and tomorrow’s students. Stockholm therefore needs to focus on a better and more sustainable housing market.


For Stockholm to become the knowledge region we want, students, universities and other relevant actors must be given the right conditions. A strong student health, a strong student influence and a great work environment for all students – SSCO believes this leads to education of the highest quality.


It is expensive to stay, live and study in Stockholm. A student’s financial status shall not be an obstacle to studying in the region, Stockholm should be a student city for everyone.


Here are our latest published news in English. For additional news, please visit the Swedish page.

The Nobel Lottery 2021: Cancelled

The Nobel Lottery 2021: Cancelled

Today the Nobel Foundation released a statement saying that this year's Nobel celebrations will remain mostly digital. The Banquet in City Hall will not happen, the prize laureates will instead receive their prizes in their home countries. This also means that the...

Nomination Request for The Friend of Stockholm’s Students 2021

Nomination Request for The Friend of Stockholm’s Students 2021

Friend of Stockholm's students is SSCO's award for valuable contributions to Stockholm's students and student unions, and for the promotion of Stockholm as a student city. The award has been handed out annually since 2002. Those who can nominate for this prestigious...


In 1958 SSCO founded Stockholms studentbostäder (SSSB), which today is the largest student housing agent in Sweden with its nearly 8100 rooms and apartments in the region. To queue for and live in SSSB accommodation you need to be a member of a student union affiliated with us.

Akademisk kvart

Akademisk kvart strive to supply students with lodging and subletting solutions that have a reasonable rent in relation to students’ general financial situation. SSCO has therefore compiled a number of terms and conditions for advertisers which take into consideration the average student’s life standard.


Studenthälsan.se is a website created on SSCO’s initiative, to spead knowledge about and offer guidance for students regarding their student health services.