The Nobel Celebration – Stockholm Students’ highest festivity. Every year, around 300 students participate in the Nobel Banquet, and the students – with their characteristic, white and grey hats – have become a much appreciated element, both in Sweden and abroad. Behind the scenes, SSCO’s Masters of Ceremonies works hard to organize the students’ tribute to the world’s most prominent scientists.

A year has passed since the Student Unions raised their banners in the balustrade of the City hall, and it is time for the Nobel Day. However, this year, as we all regretfully know, has been a very special year, and for only the second time since the initial celebrations in 1901, the Nobel Banquet has been cancelled.

During the Nobel Day, the Nobel Laureates, their research and achievements are celebrated and praised. The event is grande and behind the cameras, SSCO’s Masters of Ceremonies works hard to coordinate it in close cooperation with the Nobel Foundation.

SSCO supports the celebration with the great, famous massed standards which are raised during speeches in honour of the Nobel Laureates. SSCO also coordinate the ushers during the Nobel Banquet, the ceremony in the Concert Hall and the mingle in the Nordic Museeum. These are only a few of the tasks for which our Masters of Ceremonies, together with the Student Unions, take part in to make the Nobel Celebrations memorable for all the guests.

Although this year’s Nobel Celebrations are nothing alike the usual, our work and preparations for coming years has not stopped. We are ready to yet again assemble the massed standards to gild the Nobel festivities. Now, we propose a toast – for the students, the future science, the prosperity of the humanity, and with fierce hope that in 2021, we can all gather around the Nobel laureates, raise the banners in their honour and dance the night away at the Students’ Nobel NightCap.


Henrik Borgenhäll
Master of Ceremonies

Elise Sesemann
Vice Master of Ceremonies

Oskar M Wiik