On the weekend of 16-17 January, the Board met for the first meeting of the semester and the fourth meeting of the activity year to look to the future and develop SSCO.

During the weekend, the board laid the ground regarding propositions for the 2021/22 activity plan and financial framework, together with Ingrid Gyllfors (CEO of SSSB) talked about conditions for student housing construction in relation to SSCO’s housing policy and deepened in what a member-borne and established policy for Stockholm students and student unions means for us.

On Sunday, the board also made a lot of decisions, and a few are reported below. The minutes in their entirety are published on ssco.se under the tab Elected Representatives no later than 31 January 2021.


Announcement of project grants from SSSRSF 2021

The Foundation Stockholm Student Reception Service Fund (SSSRSF) is a fund where our members can apply for money every two years for mainly reception activities. This year, a total of SEK 150,000 is to be applied for from the end of January to March 21. Payment upon approved application takes place in May. We want to encourage all our members to apply for grants from us! We will publish more information shortly.


The Friend of Stockholm’s Students 2021

The Friend of Stockholm’s Students is an award that SSCO has awarded annually since 2002 to companies, organizations and individuals who have done something extraordinary for Stockholm’s students and student unions during the year. In 2020, the award went to Karol Vieker, Equality and Diversity Manager at the Stockholm School of Economics. The board will soon publish the announcement, but already now you can with your unions think about who has been an important player for students’ conditions in Stockholm and for this should be payed a little extra tribute. This year’s nomination committee consists of Emilia Kaufeldt, Kajsa Nilsson and Oskar M Wiik from the board. The award will be announced April 30th, usually in connection with the students’ Walpurgis celebrations at Skansen.

Read more about The Friend of Stockholm’s Students here.


Changes in the board 2021

During the autumn, Hugo Thorén and Emmanuel Zavalis requested dismissal from their assignments, which has entailed some changes in the board. We warmly welcome, among others, Sebastian Villarroel, who is also chairman of the Student Union DISK as a new member of the board. Former deputy board member Nikita Zabzine is now a member and Emilia Kaufeldt took office on January 1st as the new Vice President for the remainder of the activity year. The board has now also set Emilia’s remuneration rate at 20 % and elected Nikita Zabzine as the new economic policy adviser. You will find the new rules of procedure and delegation among our governing documents (swe).

If you have questions about the content or the board, you can contact Vice President Emilia Kaufeldt at vordf@ssco.se or 070-899 77 14.