Akademisk kvart is an intermediary subletting agency aimed at students,
which was created by SSCO in 2011 as a reaction to the student housing crisis.


Akademisk kvart is a platform where students can find temporary housing solutions while they are studying. It is a free of charge, not for profit service run by SSCO’s chancellery and financed by the Stockholm Housing Agency and the five largest universities: Stockholm University, The Royal Institute of Technology, Södertörn University, Karolinska Institutet and the Stockholm School of Economics.

Akademisk kvart strives to supply students with live-in tenancy and subletting solutions that have a reasonable rent in relation to students’ general financial situation. SSCO has therefore compiled a number of terms and conditions for advertisers which take into consideration the average student’s standard of living. In an attempt to make the site safer for students to use, SSCO manually review all ads before they are published, to check that the person advertising is registered at the address and that the ad meets all of Akademisk kvart’s terms and conditions. As a student you can search for suitable housing on the site and when you have found and ad you like you contact the advertiser directly, either through the provided contact details or through the website messaging service.

At the Akademisk kvart website you will also find a lot of information for people looking to be a live-in tenant or to sublet. Under the tab Good to know there is general information and tips regarding the housing market in Stockholm and what to think about as a live-in or subtenant. You can also find our terms and conditions for advertising and users under that tab. Under Rules and regulations you will find information about what rules apply to each kind of tenancy (live-in tenancy, subletting a rented property or subletting an owned property). In addition to this, there are also examples oftenancy agreements, as you should always have a signed contract with your landlord.



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