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It obviously feels tough for someone who is coming to Stockholm to study, and it is easy to feel stressed and anxious about your housing situation. Many people begin their period of study by subletting or lodging. It can be a friend or a relative, but you can also find a room through vacancy ads.Regardless of who you are renting from, it is important to have a written contract and be in agreement regarding the rules of conduct applicable to either party. Never pay rent in advance without having seen the accommodation and signed a contract. Below are some tips that will increase your chances of finding accommodation:

  • Join several queues and be an active applicant. Here is a good list (in Swedish).
  • Use your social network to spread the word that you’re looking for accommodation.
  • Look for accommodation together with other students or friends.
  • Don’t forget about Stockholm’s neighbouring municipalities when looking for accommodation.

If you can read Swedish and want to know more about the housing situation for students in Stockholm you can find SSCO’s reports here


SSSB – Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder

SSSB have around 8,100 rooms and apartments all over Stockholm. Only students who are members of a SSCO-affiliated student union can apply for housing through SSSB. As a tenant you also have to complete at least 15 higher education points (half-speed) per semester at a school in Stockholm whose student union is affiliated with SSCO.

Akademisk kvart

Akademisk kvart

Akademisk kvart is an intermediary subletting agency which is aimed at students.  To advertise and send messages to advertisers is free. Akademisk kvart is a not for profit service. Akademisk kvart strive to supply students with lodging and subletting solutions that have a reasonable rent in relation to students’ general financial situation. SSCO has therefore compiled a number of terms and conditions for advertisers which take into consideration the average (Swedish) student’s finances (CSN). All ads are manually reviewed by SSCO’s staff before being published to avoid unreasonably high rents and fraudulent ads, which makes the site a safer alternative than several other advertisement sites online.

Bostad Stockholm

The Stockholm Housing Agency

The Stockholm Housing Agency is the housing queue for Stockholms stad and convey rental apartments in the whole Stockholm region, through both municipal and private property owners. Aside from regular rental apartments, the Housing Agency also convey student and youth apartments. The queue times vary depending on the supply, area and how active you are. There is an annual fee of 200 SEK to stay in the queue and you can register and start collecting queue time the day you turn 18. During 2020, 3,135 student apartments were conveyed through the Housing Agency.