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SSCO believes that it should be a given that a student should be studying – not spending time looking for accommodation or worrying about their housing situation. A student should study, not devote energy to feeling insecure financially. A student should study, not be on stress-induced sick leave. Secure accommodation with a reasonable rent during the period of studies is a basic condition for these “givens”.

SSCO wants Stockholm to be the obvious choice for the students of today as well as those of tomorrow. For this to become a reality, emphasis needs to be given to the student housing market and the mechanisms that rule and affect it. In this program you will find SSCO’s political standpoints regarding housing, standpoints that would turn student housing and the housing market for students more available – so that students can focus on their studies.

Below is a summary of SSCO’s standpoints in English, but the full and detailed political programs are only available in Swedish.

Housing politics program

Click here to download our housing politics program in Swedish.

The rental market

Housing guarantee

A housing guarantee for students in Stockholm should be introduced.

Market rents

Market rents, or a less controlled – freer – rent setting process, should not be introduced.

The subletting market

The subletting market should be regulated uniformly, regardless of the original form of tenure/ownership. It should always be possible to try the reasonableness of rents at the Rent and Tenancy Tribunal (Hyresnämnden) and a tenant who has paid too high a rent should always be able to demand repayment in accordance with the Swedish tenancy act.


Friendship contracts

Friendship contracts should be a possibility for students by way of several contracts being signed for the same apartment, without each contract being seen as a separate apartment needing to adhere to all the design/layout requirements. 

Ten-month rents

Ten-month rent should be the norm for corridor rooms. 

Student housing companies' access to Ladok

Student housing companies should be given access to the Ladok register to be able to ensure that their tenants are in fact students. That way more student accommodations can be vacated in favor of the group they were meant to serve: students.

Conditions for building

Prioritize student housing construction in the handling process

The building process should be simplified – with fewer agencies and shorter handling times. Projects including student housing should be prioritized in the handling process.

Land allocation on other bases than price

The allocation of land should be carried out with other bases than price, and the state should clarify this as a part of the municipalities’ housing supply responsibility.

Unused building rights

A limit for how long a building right may remain unused should be introduced, at least for building rights in areas where the lack of housing is large.

Student housing as category housing

Student housing should remain as category housing. This is not to allow or create space for lowering the housing quality or living conditions, but to enable for adaptations based on the needs of the target group.

The parking norm

The parking norm (the number of parking spaces a contractor needs to create for each housing project) should be zero or close to zero.

State support for building student housing

The investment support (Sw. investeringsstödet) for student housing needs to be better adapted to local conditions and be made more practically useful.

The definition of accessibility needs to be widened

The definition of accessibility needs to be widened to include aspects such as financial and psychosocial accessibility.

National interests

The national interests register needs to be reviewed, and the system needs to be clarified in order to avoid complicated, drawn-out and expensive processes.

Noise regulations

The regulations concerning how to measure noise need to be reviewed. Exceptions that take into account the special conditions of student housing should be possible. This is possible to do without compromising the housing environment for students. 

Municipal property fees

Student housing should be exempt from paying municipal property fees.


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