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We want Stockholm to be the most attractive student city in Sweden; the obvious choice for the students of today as well as an international center of knowledge, attracting the students of tomorrow. This will become reality if we, long-term, work to ensure high quality education, good access to affordable housing and  – not least – attractive financial conditions.

Along with the status as a capital comes a number of circumstances that are of great importance for the financial situation for Stockholm’s students. The generally higher price levels mean that Stockholm students have higher living costs regarding everything from food to public transport. It is a bit more expensive to live and study in Stockholm than in other parts of the country, and it is important to work with measures intended to remove a financial exclusion effect.

SSCO want everyone to be able to choose to study in Stockholm – and for no one to find themselves financially hindered from choosing Stockholm. In this program, SSCO highlight a number of conditions that need to be monitored, strengthened or changed within finance politics area.

Finance politics program

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Public transport

Public transport

The student discount for the SL-card (subway system) should be increased further, and should be made available to all students studying at a minimum of half pace (50 %).

Students' financial conditions

Student grant and loan

Students’ financial conditions must be strengthened. The grant part should be a larger part of the student loan (CSN) and an increased loans ceiling should, albeit carefully, be investigated.

Calculating the "free amount"

The calculation of the “free amount” (the amount a student is allowed to earn working alongside their studies) should only encompass incomes earned during the regular semester months.

Insurance and sick leave benefit qualifying pay (SGI)

The social health care insurance (via Försäkringskassan) for students should be tied to studies rather than the receipt of student grants and loans.

Conditions for life-long learning

It should be possible to earn back used student loan weeks, in order to use them again for future studies.

Housing benefit

The housing benefit should be available to all students, regardless of age, family or housing situation. Furthermore, the amount should be permanently increased, the repayment system for students should generally be through a payment plan, and the assessment whether to award the benefit should be made on a monthly, or at least semester, basis.

Student in Stockholm, the growth region

Students have a positive effect on the region’s job market, BRP and attractivity. It is important that the city is adapted financially as well as physically, to allow for students to use it.


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