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SSSB, Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder

There are around 93,000 students in Stockholm county and currently currently just under 18,000 student accommodations available to them.

SSCO is the principal of SSSB, which is the largest student housing agency in Sweden with almost 8,000 student accommodations.  However, SSCO does not work directly with housing services. Instead, we work continuously towards national and regional decision makers to improve the housing situation for students.

In conjunction with the abolishing of compulsory student union membership on 1 July 2010, SSSB’s queuing rules were amended. The queue is now connected to your student union membership. As a member of a student union affiliated with SSCO, you have the right to queue for and live in SSSB’s accommodations. You can join the queue before you have become a student union member, but your membership will be checked after you have been queuing for 90 days, so make sure to become a member as soon as possible.

You will find more information about SSSB and SSCO’s rules for the student housing queue and tenancy here.  For joining the queue, please visit SSSB’s website.

The Stockholm Student Health Services

The Stockholm Student Health Services was founded by SSCO, initially to fight the spread of tuberculosis among students in the 30’s, and is a health care centre for students as a complement to public health care. You can turn to the Student Health Services with any health issues, regardless of whether or not they concern your studies.

The Stockholm Student Health Services have their office in Studentpalatset at Odenplan. You can call them to book an appointment with a nurse or psychologist. You can also book through the web booking system.

Further information about how to contact the Student Health Services and which universities are affiliated can be found here.

There is also a walk-in reception in Studenthuset at Stockholm University where you can consult a nurse.


The Academic Vice Chancellors Convention in Stockholm can be seen as a forum where the vice chancellors and administrative directors of various higher education institutions meet twice a term to discuss current issues. The vice chancellors and administrative directors of Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet, KTH, Stockholm School of Economics, Södertörn University, and the art universities participate, as well as the administrator at Stockholm Academic Forum. SSCO’s chairman is also in represented.

The meetings move between the different higher education institutions and the chairmanship rotates. The governor and financial city commissioner usually attend the dinner that follows the meetings.

STAF, Stockholm Academic Forum

Stockholm Academic Forum (STAF) is a member organisation with 18 member universities, as well as Stockholm municipality. The Academy aims to contribute to community prosperity through cooperation, exchange of ideas, and learning. STAF also work to develop Stockholm’s profile as a national and international academic centre. The Academy therefore arranges several products and activities in connection with this.

For further information about STAF’s operations and which universities are affiliated, please visit their website.

6S, Sveriges StorStads Studentkårers Samarbetsorgan Samarbetsorgan

6S is a network where SSCO, Göteborgs förenade studentkårer (GFS) and Lunds universitets studentkårer (LUS) cooperate regarding regional conditions for students.

The Council for the Stockholm Mälar Region (Sw. Mälardalsrådet)

The Council for the Stockholm Mälar Region is a platform whose aim is to promote the development of the Stockholm Mälar region. The Council works for an internationally competitive and sustainable region. The Council’s mission is to act as a forum where members can cooperate regarding strategic issues.

SSCO is represented at the Mälar Council’s annual general meeting, Mälartinget. This is the Council’s primary meeting place for large-scale regional cooperation.

To read more about the Mälar Council, please visit their website.


Sthlm6000+ was a city development project with the aim to increase the number of student accommodations by at least 6,000, to develop future student housing, and to shorten the student housing queues. The project began in 2013 and carried on until 2017. The final report stated that the project goal should be reached during 2018, which also appears to have been the case. 2012 there were approximately 12,000 student accommodations in Stockholm county and 2018 the number was just under 18,000.

A number of public and private actors were part of the project: municipalities, building companies, housing companies, industry representatives, authorities, higher education institutions, and students. SSCO was one of these actors and represented Stockholm’s students.

You can read more about the project here (Swedish only).

Levande Staden

Levande Staden is a think tank whose aim it is to inform about what is needed to create creative, sustainable and attractive city environments. The think tank consists of organisations, networks, individuals, and other parties that work with city planning issues.

For further information about Levande Staden, please visit their website (Swedish only).

Looking for housing

Information and tips for house-hunting students in the Stockholm region can be found here.


Find information about membership, our member union list and creating a new union here.

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