Elected Representatives

As an elected representative of SSCO, you represent Stockholm’s students. The elected representatives are primarily selected at the student council meeting in spring (usually May). At the student council meeting in November 2018 it was decided that the right to nominate persons to SSCO’s elected representative positions was to be broadened to mean that any person who is a member of an SSCO-affiliated student union has the right to nominate.

If you are interested in what it means to be an elected representative within SSCO you can contact the Nominations committee.


Rebecka Heumann

Board Member
The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences

Sofia Holmdahl

Board Member
Stockholm University (SUS)

Emilia Kaufelt

Board Member
Stockholm University (DISK)

Louisa Kellman

Board Member
Stockholm University (SUS)

Lina Källkvist

Board Member
The Scandinavian College of Naprapathic Manual Medicine

Adam Maquard

Board Member
Södertörn University

Kajsa Nilsson

Board Member
Royal College of Music

Gustav Ogesten

Board Member
Royal Institute of Technology

Hugo Thorén

Vice President

Oskar M Wiik


Nikita Zabzine

Alternate Board Member
Stockholm University (SUS)

Emmanuel Zavalis

Board Member
Karolinska Institutet

Ceremonial Masters and Nobel Functions

Henrik Borgenhäll

Ceremonial Master

Elise Sesemann

Vice Ceremonial Master

Sara Tabari


Lisa Zöllner Wohlfart


Nominations Committee

Leif Eriksson

Chair of the Nominations Committee
Karolinska institutet

Sara Emnegard

Committee Member
Stockholm University

Linnea Eriksson

Committee Member
Stockholm University

Daniel Kyriacou

Committee Member
Stockholm University


Sabine Pettersson


Douglas Ahlberg

Alternate Auditor

Anna Forsslund

Chartered Accountant
Mazars SET revisionsbyrå

Student Union Council Presidency

Kristian Kull

Chair of the Student Union Council

Christian Bratt

Vice Chair of the Student Union Council

Josefin Stern

Secretary of the Student Union Council


The presidency, which consists of a chairman and deputy chairman, is elected on a one-year mandate at the student council in spring. The presidency leads the work of the board, represents the board in the daily running of SSCO, and is responsible for executing the decisions of the board. The presidency is remunerated on a full-time basis and work from the SSCO chancellery at Studentpalatset.


The board, which in addition to the presidency consist of seven to nine ordinary members and their alternate members, is elected on a one-year mandate at the student council in spring. The election is carried out using a list voting system (d’Hondt). SSCO’s board is responsible for the operative activities during the year and prepares the issues that are to be considered by the Council of Students. The board convenes no less than eight times per activity year.

List of board meetings for the year will be announced in August.

Ceremonial masters

The ceremonial masters’ office, which consists of two ceremonial masters, is elected by the board on a one-year mandate during spring. They plan and execute student invitations, massed standards events and other operations in connection with Walpurgis (Sw. Valborg) and Nobel, as well as plan other events and festivities within SSCO. Further information about the different student parties and pubs in Stockholm can be found at www.fester.nu (Swedish only). The ceremonial masters are also responsible for issues regarding serving of alcohol. The ceremonial masters are remunerated at 5-45 percent per ceremonial master, spread out over the year to reflect the work load which is mainly high before and during the Nobel celebrations

Nomination committee

The Nomination committee, which consists of five to seven members, is elected on a one-year mandate at the student council in spring. The Nomination committee prepares the election ahead of SSCO’s student council meetings and meet when agreed upon.

Looking for housing

Information and tips for house-hunting students in the Stockholm region can be found here.


Find information about membership, our member union list and creating a new union here.

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