Students’ Nobel Celebration

Have you noticed the white student hats running around at the Nobel Banquet? Have you ever thought about the flags and standards that adorn the Blue Hall during the Nobel Laureates’ speeches?

– That’s Stockholms student unions!

A close collaboration to ensure student representation

For most people the Nobel celebrations is a combination of honoring and appointing the Nobel laureates every year and sitting at home on the couch on December 10th, watching the Nobel banquet on the TV. For students the Nobel celebrations are much more than that!

Below you can read more about SSCO – United Students of Stockholm’s close collaboration with the Nobel Foundation and the student engagement during the Nobel celebrations.

The preparations being in the spring

For SSCO, the Nobel preparations being in the spring time with the appointment of a new Master of Ceremonies office. The Master of Ceremonies leads and supervises the student engagement at Nobel, at the request of the Nobel Foundation.

Every third year a toastmaster is appointed from a number of student applicants. The toastmaster is responsible for presenting the Nobel laureates when they hold their speeches, as well as welcome them to the table. In the picture you see our current toastmaster Sara Tabari.

The Nobel Lottery – Students’ chance to attend the Nobel party

Every year between August 1st and the last Friday of October, SSCO organizes the Nobel Lottery. The Nobel Lottery is open to students all over Sweden and by participating they compete for the chance to buy a couple’s ticket to the Nobel Banquet and two tickets to the Students’ Nobel NightCap (SNNC) – the official Nobel after party.

December 10th

Before the Nobel party kicks off around 300 students have practiced a program that cannot go wrong. When the broadcast on SVT starts, the ceremonial masters are talking on the comm radio, ensuring that the right student is in the right place at the right time.

As a thank you for our work, every year students get to eat the world-famous Nobel food and be a part of the celebrations, though the Nobel Lottery. Late in the evening, when City Hall closes its doors, all student representatives (and many “regular” guests) travel by bus to SNNS – the official, student-led, after party.

SNNC – Students’ Nobel NighCap

A party with grand themes and many mysteries! SNNC rotates between four different universities and is organized by the student unions: Stockholm University – SUS, the Royal Institute of Technology – THS, Karolinska Institutet – MF, and the Stockholm School of Economics – SASSE.