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SSCO – What?

SSCO, Students of Stockholm Unite, is a member organization for student unions in the Stockholm region. This means that student unions from different universities and colleges are affiliated with us and together, through our Union Congress, board and office, can work strategically with political issues related to students, such as for example the housing shortage, student health services and students’ financial conditions. SSCO is a non-partisan organization with the Union Congress, which takes places twice annually, as the highest decision-making body.

SSCO also work with study social issues through the Masters of Ceremonies. ÖMÄ, as we call it in Swedish, are responsible for the Walpurgis pub crawl and student participation at the Nobel celebrations, among other things.

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Student housing

To find housing in Stockholm can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Here you can read more about or work, about what SSSB and Akademisk kvart are, and tips for house-hunters in the Stockholm area!

Student health

You should have every opportunity to feel good during your time as a student. SSCO run and partake in cooperations regarding student health issues, and here you will find more information about that work.

Student finances

We work to improve students’ financial opportunities, through debating, problematizing and provoke discussion. Read more here!

Elected representatives

Almost all positions within SSCO – aside from the office – are elected positions. Click here to see SSCO’s elected representatives!


Do you want to understand SSCO’s organization and mission? Click here to read more!


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Political secretary
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Political secretary
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