Council of Students

SSCO’s highest decision-making body is called the Council of Students. The Council is mainly a body for general and strategic issues, and is where decisions are made regarding guidelines for the operations of SSCO, statute amendments, and economic frameworks, but it also holds elections and decides on member issues.

The meetings of the Council of Students (so called student councils), led by the student council chairman and vice chairman, are held twice a year; once in November and once in May. At the May student council elected representatives are selected for the coming business year. After each business year the Council reviews the board’s work and determines freedom from liability.

Two members and two alternate members from each member union has the right to attend the student councils. The member unions then have differently sized mandates depending on the how many members their union has.

Studentpalatset AB

Studentpalatset AB is a subsidiary of SSCO whose aim is to offer services to Stockholm’s student unions and their members. One of SSCO’s aims is to offer meeting points for the students and student unions from the Stockholm region, and it is though Studentpalatset AB that the maintenance of Studentpalatset at Odenplan is carried out.

Whether or not you may study at Studentpalatset is dependent on if your university/college has chosen to be part of the collaboration surrounding Studentpalatset or not. It is also possible for SSCO’s member unions to book meeting rooms free of charge.

For further information please visit Studentpalatset’s website.

SSSRSF – The Foundation Stockholm Student Reception Service Fund

SSSRSF is a foundation through which SSCO every other year hands out funds to projects and events that act with the same aim as the Foundation. The sum of the funds awarded varies from year to year and is communicated in connection with the start of the application period.

The Foundation’s aim

The Foundation shall have as its aim to within the Stockholm region handle reception and other services for students, taking special account of the needs of foreign students, and shall thereby provide the activities and service that may be considered justified with regards to the students’ social study situation.

Since the Foundation does not itself carry out such activities, it is possible to apply for funding for projects and events that act with the same aim as the Foundation. The selection of which projects will receive funding is decided through comparing the applications and the assessment will have a heavy focus on how much student benefit the contribution is deemed to generate.

How to apply:

The applications shall be sent to SSCO in accordance with the application information communicated at the start of the application period. Receipt of the application will be confirmed via e-mail. Thereafter an assessment of all the received applications and a decision on the allotment of the funds will be made by SSCO’s board. Notifications of allotment will be sent to the relevant parties and the funds will be paid. Finally, the person or persons in charge of the project shall send in a detailed description of what the money was used for to SSCO.

The application shall contain the following details:

  • Applicant.
  • Contact person incl. phone number and address.
  • Description of the project/event.
  • Amount applied for.
  • Financial calculations for the project/event.
  • Account number.

The applicant shall in the application pledge to, if the application is approved and funding is awarded, submit a report on how the funding was used and to repay the Foundation the grant after a decision by SSCO’s board if the board deems that:

  • The funding has not been used in accordance with the approved application;
  • The report has not been received within the prescribed time frame; or
  • If the applicant in general has provided incorrect information relevant to the assessment of the application.

The Housing Committee

The Housing Committee handles applications and appeals from tenants of and persons queuing for housing through SSSB.

Applications to the Housing Committee can be handed into SSSB’s customer service centre (head office) or sent by post to:

Stockholms Studentbostäder
Box 19608
104 32 Stockholm

The staff at SSCO’s chancellery cannot answer questions about the Housing Committee.

Nicke Grundbergs memorial fund

Nicke Grundberg was the chairman of SSCO during 2009/10. After nine months’ fighting cancer, Nicke passed away on 27 December 2012, only 32 years old. To honour the memory of Nicke Grundberg and his work for Stockholm as a region of knowledge, SSCO set up a memorial fund in his name.

The thought was that the money collected would be alloted through recurring stipends or grants to people or organisations that act in Nicke’s spirit. After a while, however, it became apparent that the fund unfortunately did not have enough basic capital to act well as a fund and the Council of Students thereby decided to close the fund. Of the remaining sum, it was decided that 30,000 SEK should be donated to Cancerfonden and the rest was to be transferred to SSCO’s other fund SSSRSF. The funds aims were partly overlapping and in that was it will be possible for the money to fill a similar function as it was meant to when the Nicke Grundberg memorial fund was created.

Looking for housing

Information and tips for house-hunting students in the Stockholm region can be found here.


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