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We want Stockholm to be able to be the obvious choice for both the students of today and those of tomorrow. For this to be a reality, a special focus needs to be set upon the student housing market and those mechanisms that rule and affect it. 


It is a bit more expensive to live and study in Stockholm than in other parts of the country, and it is important to work on measures to remove a financial exclusion effect. SSCO want for everyone to be able to choose to study in Stockholm, and that nobody should have to feel financially impeded from choosing Stockholm.

Higher education

To turn Stockholm into the knowledge region we want, students as well as universities and other stakeholders must be given the right preconditions; a stong student health service, good opportunities for student influence and that the physical and psychosocial work environment give all students the opportunity to focus on what should be central – education of the highest quality.

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SSCO regularly publish reports relating to our political issues: student housing, students’ finances and students’ health. The reports are only available in Swedish, but can be found here.

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