Nobel Lottery

The Nobel Lottery is a chance to get the opportunity to buy tickets to the Nobel Banquet and the afterparty Student’s Nobel NightCap. Lottery tickets can be purchased below. The Nobel Lottery opens on August 1st 2022.

There is no limit on how many lottery tickets you can purchase, to increase your chances of winning you can purchase as many as you like. Please read through both the FAQ:s and the terms and conditions before paying for your tickets. The lottery is for students who are registered at a Swedish university or college and members of the student union.


Nobel Lottery

50 kr

A ticket gives you the chance to win the opportunity to buy a couple’s ticket to the Nobel Banquet and two tickets to the Student’s Nobel Night Cap. In 2019, a couple’s ticket cost 7,190 SEK and two tickets to Student’s Nobel Night Cap cost 1,698 SEK. Please note that these prices are subject to change.

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Terms and conditions

N.b. This is an in-house translation. In case of discrepancies between the English and Swedish language version of this text, the Swedish language version will prevail.

By enrolling you agree to the below rules regarding the lottery:

These rules are decided by Stockholms Studentkårers Centralorganisation, below referred to as SSCO, in consultation with Nobelstiftelsen on 9th October 2017.

§ To be able to participate in and win the Nobel Lottery the person purchasing the lottery tickets must, at the time of the draw:

  • be registered at a Swedish university/college
  • be a member of a Swedish studient union at the place of study
  • be at least 18 years old, which is to be proven with a valid ID
  • have paid for the lottery tickets before the end of the lottery period.

§ The number of lottery tickets that can be purchased is unlimited, but a participant can only win once per draw.

§ Winning means being offered the opportunity to purchase a couple’s ticket to the Nobel Prize Ceremony and the Nobel Banquet for the winner and a companion. The ticket is personal and cannot be given away, sold, or in any other way be transferred or offered for donation, sale or any other kind of transfer.

§ The companion does not need to be a student, but needs to be at least 18 years old which is to be proven with a valid ID.

§ In the event of a breach or attempted breach of these rules the win with be forfeited without repayment.

§ SSCO does not repay any lottery tickets or paid winnings.

§ Nobelstiftelsen reserves the right to deny winners or companions.

§ If the winner has not confirmed the win as well as paid for the tickets within 7 days after the draw the win will be forfeited.

Om vinnaren inte bekräftat vinsten samt erlagt betalning för biljetterna inom 7 dagar efter dragningstillfället kommer vinsten vara förverkad.

§ SSCO and Nobelstiftelsen reserve the right to change the rules of the Nobel Lottery at any time.

§ By participating in the lottery you confirm that you have taken note of these rules and in the event of a win both you and your companion will be security cleared.


The tickets raffled off though the Nobel Lottery are for the Nobel Banquet and the award ceremony at Konserthuset. If you win the tickets are to be collected from SSCO in Stockholm.

Academic titles

When you fill in the Nobel Lottery form, please provide your correct academic title according to the following example.

If you are currently doing a degree of 4 years (240 ECT points) or less your title is Undergraduate. Examples are those who attend bachelor programmes. If you are doing a degree of more than 4 years your title is Graduate. Examples are those studying to become civic engineers, lawyers or attend masters programs. If you are a postgraduate or doctoral student your title is Postgraduate. All students studying medicin, doctors students, nurses students, physiotherapists, odontologists, BMA etc. are titled Medical student. The exception to this is students of complementary medicine (naprapath, chiropractor, homeopathy), as these students currently do not have the right to receive an academic title.

If your companion has already achieved a degree you state it according to international standards, i.e. BSc, BA, MSc, PhD, MD, etc.

Correclty entered titles will then be read the following way:

Undergraduate Mr Karl Karlsson
Dr Fredrika Fredriksson, MD
Mr Per Persson, MSc
Postgraduate Mr Lars Larsson

Students’ Nobel NightCap

Everyone attending the Nobel Banquet has the right to buy tickets to the Student’s Nobel NightCap, the official after party. This is not a “vickning” (Swedish midnight meal common at parties and weddings) with hash and punch but an incredibly well-planned and lavish party which takes up to a year to arrange. Of course everyone should go to the NightCap and definitely not miss our on this wonderful end to the Nobel day. The Students’ Nobel NightCap rotates between the major universities in Stockholm: Stockholm University, the Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska Institutet, and the Stockholm School of Economics.


More FAQ:s

How do I pay

Through PayPal. You can either pay by card or bank transfer. You do not need to have a PayPay account to be able to carry out the transaction.

Does SSCO make repayments?


How many tickets can you win?

You can only win the opportunity to purchase one couple’s ticket per user (i.e. one ticket for two people).

How many lottery tickets can you purchase?

There is no limit.

How many couple’s tickets are raffled off?

In 2019, 40 couple’s tickets were raffled off.

When is the draw and how is it done?

The draw is open and takes place digitally on the Monday after the Lottery has closed. More information will be posted on SSCO’s social media accounts before the end of the Lottery period.

Who can participate in the Lottery?

Everyone registered at a Swedish college or university who is a member of their student union is allowed to participate in the Nobel Lottery. This also includes postgraduates. All winners must prove that they are students with a copy of their union ID or equivalent at the time of collecting the tickets.

Is it a couple’s or a single ticket you win?

It is a couple’s ticket you can purchase if you win.

What is the cost if you win?

In 2019 the price for a couple’s ticket (two tickets) was 7,190 SEK and the price for two Students’ Nobel NightCap tickets was 1,698 SEK. Please keep in mind that these prices may change.

Can you resell your tickets?

No, this is not allowed. The tickets are personal. If you break these rules your win is forfeited.

What happens after the draw?

After the draw has been carried out an e-mail will be sent to all participants of the Lottery, who will be informed of whether they have won, are listed as back-ups or have lost out this time. If you follow the instructions it will all work out.

Who can you bring as your plus one?

Whomever you wish, the person in question does not need to be a student but must be at least 18 years old. The person does not have to be of the opposite gender, but if they are not we cannot guarantee that you will have a dinner partner of the opposite gender.

What is the dress code for the Nobel banquet?

The dress code is white tie.This means:
For women: Evening dress. Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes since you will be dancing all night. Hair after own preference.
For men: Tailcoat including all the accessories (white tie, with tails) and patent-leather shoes (or well-polished black leather shoes). Uniform is not allowed as the dress code is white tie.
Both: The winners of the Nobel Lottery are required to wear a Swedish student cap (clean, undecorated and white). Students of technology are permitted to wear a so-called “schmeck” (a student cap for technology students) but without “spegats” and pins. Academic Honors or similar are not accepted at the Nobel Banquet. Please keep in mind that you are attending the party as a student and that you are representing Sweden’s students in front of a worldwide TV-audience.

If you want to know more we recommend Stora Etikettboken by Magdalena Ribbing, Bokförlaget DN.

Can you wear military uniform to the Nobel banquet?


My plus one is not a student. Do they need to wear a Swedish student cap?

No, it is not mandatory for your plus one to wear a student cap, but it is nice if they do so since you are representing Sweden’s students.