Looking for housing

In the Stockholm region there are today over 90,000 students and only just under 18,000 student accommodations. The queue time for a student room (corridor) is a little less than 1 year and for a student apartment approximately 2-3 years. This means that in practice, many students are almost finished with their entire education before they are offered their own accommodation.

It obviously feels tough for someone who is going to study in Stockholm and it is easy to feel stressed and anxious about your housing situation. For many students the first study period begins with subletting or live-in tenancy. It could be a friend or a relative, but you can also find a room through accommodation ads. Regardless of who is subletting to you, it is important to sign a contract and agree upon the terms and conditions for each party. Never pay any rent or deposit before having seen the accommodation and having signed a contract. Some further tips that will increase your chances of finding accommodation are:

  • Join several queues and search actively. This is a good list (Swedish only).
  • Use your social network to broadcast that you are looking for accommodation.
  • Look together with fellow students or friends.
  • Don’t forget about Stockholm’s neighbouring municipalities when looking for accommodation.

Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder

SSSB has nearly 8,000 student rooms and apartments spread out over all of Stockholm. Only students who are members of a SSCO-affiliated student union may apply for housing through SSSB. As a tenant you also need to read at least 15 higher education points (Sw. högskolepoäng) (or equivalent) per term at a higher education institution in Stockholm whose student union is affiliated with SSCO.

The Stockholm Housing Agency

The Stockholm Housing Agency hosts Stockholm municipality’s housing queue and provides rented accommodation in the entire Stockholm region, through both municipal and private property owners. Aside from regular rented accommodation the Agency also provides student and youth housing. The queuing times vary depending on the supply, area and how active you are. It costs 200 SEK per year to queue and you can register and start collecting queuing days as soon as you turn 18. During 2018 the Stockholm Housing Agency provided 2,417 student accommodations.

Akademisk kvart

Akademisk kvart is a subletting intermediary agency run by SSCO which is aimed directly to students. To advertise or respond to ads is always free. Akademisk kvart is not for profit. Akademisk kvart aims to provide live-in tenancy or subletting contracts that have a reasonable rent in relation to students’ general finances (Swedish student loans – CSN). All ads are manually reviewed by SSCO’s chancellery before they are published, to avoid unreasonably high rents and fake ads, which makes the website a safer alternative than many other advertising sites on the internet.

If you would like to know more about the housing situation for students in Stockholm you can read SSCO’s reports here (Swedish only).

Looking for housing

Information and tips for house-hunting students in the Stockholm region can be found here.


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