Apply for membership in Sweden’s largest (and most amazing) central organization for student unions

SSCO has around 40 member unions, which together represent over 90,000 students. It is thus not the student as an individual who is a member of SSCO.

To become a member of a SSCO-affiliated unions you first need to be registered as a student at the higher education institution where the student union is active. All membership issues or questions should be handled by the student union at your higher education institution. SSCO does not handle any individual memberships and cannot answer questions about the unions’ membership requirements.

It is the responsibility of each member union to provide SSCO with updated contact details for those who are in charge of the union, to submit member reports (usually in May), and to register all members in Membit for checking by SSSB.

Through the membership the student union supports SSCO’s work to improve the situation for students in the Stockholm region. Membership of SSCO also means that the union and its members gain access to the services SSCO offer.

The current basic requirements for membership in SSCO are:

  • The student union has its registered office in the Stockholm region;
  • The student union is democratically structured;
  • The student union is operative;
  • The student union has been granted student union status by its higher education institution.
  • The student union has at least 15 members and have admission requirements for membership; and
  • The education/programme/degree is considered higher education.

If the member union does not meet these requirements the Student Council can decide to exclude the union.

Application documents and further information about membership and applications can be found here (Swedish only).

A template for bylaws can be found here (Swedish only).

Information about how to start a new student union can be found here.


Looking for housing

Information and tips for house-hunting students in the Stockholm region can be found here.


Information about membership as well as links to our member union list and information about how to create a new union can be found here.

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SSCO was founded in 1896 and is a member organisation for student unions in the Stockholm region. 

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