SSCO is the governing body of Stiftelsen Stockholms studentbostäder (SSSB) which is the largest student housing company in Sweden with their nearly 8,000 student accommodations. SSCO does not however work directly with conveying housing. Instead, we continuously work towards national and regional decision makers, to improve the housing situation for students.

There are over 90,000 students in Stockholm but only just under 18,000 student accommodations. SSCO is the governing body of Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder (SSSB), which is the largest student housing agency in the Stockholm region with nearly 8,000 student accommodations.

As a member of a student union affiliated with SSCO you have the right to queue and live in SSSB’s accommodations. You can join SSSB’s housing waiting-list before you have become a student union member, but your membership will be checked after 90 days so it is important that you join the union as soon as possible. If you have become a member within these 90 days your queuing points will continue to add up as normal. If, however, you have not become a union member, you need to pause your place on the waiting-list to not lose your credit days. The credit days can be paused for a maximum of 36 months, after which you will lose them.

For newly admitted students there is the possibility to sign tenancy against the presentation of an acceptance letter. There will however be checks during the term regarding whether you are a student union member or not.

A Housing Queue for Students

Once per semester SSSB will check that those who reside in their accommodation meet the study and union membership requirements (tenancy review – Sw. boprövning). If a tenant does not fulfil these requirements, has breached their obligations towards SSSB, or have reached the maximum tenancy period, their contract may be terminated by SSSB.

If the tenant feel they have been terminated on incorrect grounds they can appeal the decision to the Housing Committee (Sw. Bostadsdelegationen).


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