Application for project funding from the Stockholm Student Reception Service Fund 2022

SSSRSF is a fund within SSCO that exists to support and enable our members to conduct study social activities. Every other year, the member unions can apply for funding for projects and events that are in line with the fund’s aim. In 2022, 150,000 SEK is available to be distributed for projects and events.

Apply though the form below. More information can be found further down the page.


Organisationsnummer eller personnummer som går att koppla till det konto som ni önskar ha pengarna inbetalda på.


Härmed intygas att, genom ansökan, lämnade uppgifter är korrekta:

Previous dividends

25.000 kr / Studentkåren DISK

Covering expected minus result for reception

20.000 kr / SASSE

Kayak trip for 22 students with overnight stay in the Stockholm archipelago

26.000 kr / SöderS

Breakfast at the beginning of the semester for two weeks

10.000 kr / LinTek

Equipment costs for digital Student Orchestra Festival

17.300 kr / THS

International reception

33.000 kr / Medicinska föreningen

Mentoring program between Swedish and international students

How to apply

Applications shall be received by SSCO through the form above no later than March 20th, 2022. Thereafter, all applications are reviewed and decisions regarding dividends will be made by SSCO:s board on April 6th. SSCO:s board may choose to allocate a different sum than that applied for. Notice of dividends will be sent out to the relevant parties and the money will be distributed. Finally those in charge of the project shall, after the project has ended, submit a detailed description to SSCO, setting out what the money has been used for.

The applicant undertakes to, if the application is granted and the dividend is paid out, submit an account of how the money has been used and repay the dividend to the foundation following a decision by SSCO’s board if the board believes that:

  • the grant has not been used in accordance with the approved application,
  • report has not been received within the prescribed time, or
  • if the beneficiary has otherwise provided incorrect information relevant to the assessment of the application.

Assessment of applications

The selection of which projects are to receive dividends is made by comparing the applications and assessing their conformation with the fund’s aim. To summarize, the fund’s aim is to contribute to SSCO’s or SSCO’s member unions’ costs for receptions and other service operations for students. Special considerations will be given to international students and students’ study social situation. (Link to the statues.)

In the assessment, special considerations will also be given to the extent of student benefit the dividend is seen to generate. Funds cannot be used to pay for alcohol. It is therefore recommended that, in the financial calculations of the project, potential costs for alcohol are declared separately, so that it is clear that any funds applied for will not go towards alcohol costs.

The applicant is also recommended to describe how the project gives special considerations to international students. 


If you have any questions, please contact our administrator:

Elin Markgren

Elin Markgren


Phone: 070-899 35 18