The right to nominate befalls members, elected representatives and staff within SSCO as well as bodies related to SSCO, such as foundations and companies.

Who can be nominated?

The award can be given to organizations, companies, authorities, municipalities, as well as to individuals or groups of people. The recipient of The Friend of Stockholm’s Students must have made efforts to:

  • Improve Stockholm students’ financial and social situation,
  • Create debate and give attention to important problems that affect Stockholm’s students,
  • Facilitate and stimulate the work of Stockholm’s students within SSCO or its member unions,
  • Or in other ways improve Stockholm as a student city.

My study time in Stockholm was magical. I want more people to experience this, for Stockholm’s and not least for their own sake. That I can contribute to it makes me so proud.

Ingrid Gyllfors

Recipient of The Friend of Stockholm's Students 2022

How is the winner crowned?

SSCO’s board selects the winner of The Friend of Stockholm’s Students based on the nominations received. The winner will be contacted in April and then presented during the Walpurgis (Valborg) celebrations at Skansen.

What does the award mean?

The person or persons who have been awarded the award may forever bear the title of The Friend of Stockholm’s Students, followed by the year of the award. For Stockholm’s students, student unions and SSCO, this is a very good opportunity to draw attention to the many who are actively working to improve the situation for Stockholm’s students and Stockholm as a student city. The award has always been highly appreciated.

Recipients of The Friend of Stockholm’s Students

2022 / Ingrid Gyllfors

CEO, Stiftelsen Stockholms studentbostäder (SSSB)

During her seven years as the CEO of Sweden’s largest student housing company, SSSB, Ingrid has actively worked to improve the situation for students in Stockholm in a committed and inspiring way. Ingrid loves students as a group and has seen the contact with the students as the most inspiring part of her assignment – the assignment’s USP. Ingrid has been the students’ main cheerleader and has left a significant imprint that will have a special place in the history of Stockholm’s students.

2021 / Anna-Karin Björling

Investigator at the Office of the President at Stockholm University

Anna-Karin Björling is awarded the award for her work in developing new rules for student influence at SU. The new rules make it easier for students to conduct advocacy work towards the university and receive a reasonable remuneration for the work. The rules have also spread to the rest of Sweden.

2020 / Carol Vieker

Equality and Diversity Manager at the Stockholm School of Economics

Karol Vieker is awarded the award for the Academic Pride initiative and her continued, successful, work with LGBTQ+-, equal conditions and discrimination issues. Through her work, which has taken place both locally at the School of Business and Economics and by gathering university staff, student unions, student organizations and individual students throughout Stockholm, she has created a platform for exchanging experiences around important issues.

2019 / Anders Lundgren

Head of Administration at the Royal Institute of Technology

Anders Lundgren has worked for the initiation of several constructions of new residential areas, including Campus Albano. Through national influence, he has also pushed the issue of creating regulations that make it easier for more companies to build and manage student housing. In addition, he works to preserve Studentpalatset.

2018 / Eliza Cedervall & Sten Wetterblad

Sten Wetterblad (chairman, Sthlm6000 +) and Eliza Cedervall (nurse, Student Health in Stockholm)

Throughout her 27 years of work in the Student Health Services in Stockholm, Eliza has significantly contributed to making Stockholm’s students healthier.

Sthlm6000 + has been one of the most important initiatives for the student housing situation in Stockholm; an initiative that highlighted the importance and need for more student housing in the region. As chairman, Sten has been a key person who has successfully pushed the project forward to increase the number of student housing in Stockholm.

2017 / Stockholms trafiknämnd & Quarnevalen

Cooperation between politicians and student engagement

With The Friend of Stockholm’s Students 2017 award, SSCO wants to draw attention to the good dialogue between politicians and student engagement. We also want to draw attention to the great power of action both parties took to improve and secure the conditions for future student events as well.

Mottagare 2002-2016

2016 / The Albano Project

The Albano project (1000 new student and researcher housing)

The Albano project is a collaboration between the City of Stockholm, SU, KTH, Akademiska hus and Svenska Bostäder. The goal is a 150,000 sqm campus with training facilities and 1,000 new student housing. The project receives The Friend of Stockholm’s Students award because it contributes to Stockholm’s students’ social situation and increases the attraction of Stockholm as a student city.

& nbsp;

2015 / Riksbyggen

Cooperative co-organization for tenant-owner associations

The Friend of Stockholm’s Students 2015 award is given to Riksbyggen and their project Bopinion. They are rewarded for their great commitment to Stockholm’s students and to Stockholm as a region of knowledge.

& nbsp;

2014 / Marina Rankka

CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

The Friend of Stockholm’s Students 2014 award is given to Maria Rankka, CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. She is rewarded for her great commitment to Stockholm’s students and to Stockholm as a region of knowledge.

“As CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Maria Rankka has highlighted the students as an important part of the city’s future development,” says SSCO’s chairman Teo Strömdahl Östberg.

& nbsp;

2013 / Nicke Grundberg

Chairman of SSCO 2009/10

& nbsp;

2012 / Sten Nordin

Financial Ciry Comissioner, Stockholm City

In his role, Sten highlights students and their conditions in Stockholm. Like SSCO, Sten believes that more student housing is a prerequisite for attracting future academics here and that Stockholm must be a hub of knowledge in the international top class in order to continue to develop as a metropolitan region. As group leader for Moderaterna in the city of Stockholm, Sten has also played a major role in the investment in 4,400 new student housing during this term.

& nbsp;

2011 / Kåre Bremer

President of Stockholm University

Kåre Bremer quickly realized the importance of a strong student movement after the abolition of compulsory union membership. SU took a leadership position by deciding on support from the university to the student union. Kåre has also worked hard to strengthen Stockholm as a university location. Among other things, he has been a driving force in the collaboration between Stockholm’s higher education institutions, and has been a driving force in the development of the Albano area. In addition, Kåre has been a strong voice in the issue of increased quality in social science and humanities educations.

& nbsp;

2010 / Carin Jämtin

Opposition City Commissioner, Stockholms stad

& nbsp;

2009 / Joakim Larsson

Housing and Suburb City Comissioner, Stockholms stad

& nbsp;

2008 / Studentskrapan

Student housing complex at Södermalm

& nbsp;

2007 / Mats Hellström

Former Governor of Stockholm County

& nbsp;

2006 / Barbro Berg

Operations Manager, Stockholm Academic Forum

& nbsp;

2005 / Mariana Vodovosoff

Coordinator, Huddinge municipality

& nbsp;

2004 / Tidningen Studentliv

TCO-owned student magazine

& nbsp;

2003 / Svenska Bostäder

Student housing company

& nbsp;

2002 / Ulf Adelsohn

Governor, Stockholm County