Student finances

SSCO actively work with issues relating to students’ finances. We lobby regarding student finance (CSN), student discounts, how high housing costs can actually be, different benefits’ – such as the housing benefit – function, and so on.

We have previously pushed through for example the SL (Stockholm public transport system) student discount, and during spring 2020 we have worked to ensure that students have the right to keep their student finance even if their studies are cancelled following the corona pandemic. We have also advocated for the state providing rental coverage support not only to business owners, but also to households, as many students have met incredible difficulties in finding and/or keeping an extra or summer job during 2020. In fall 2020, we will released a report about student housing costs, and followed it up with a closer look at what an actual student budget can look like.

In our activity plan for 2021/22, special political focus should be given to student housing for the student wallet.


Information and tips for students looking for housing in the Stockholm region can be found here.


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